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Classic Jaguar and Classic Car Restoration

We Specialise in Classic Car Restoration

At Beacon Hill Garage, we have restored many classic and vintage cars over the past 25 years including Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley and other British and European marques. Our range of expertise includes:

  • Complete restoration
  • Paint and body restoration services
  • Engine, Transmission and differential rebuilds
  • Frame and chassis restoration
  • Interior and upholstery refurbishment
  • Custom metal work and fabrication

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Classic Jaguar Restoration and Other Classic Car Services in Detail

Our Mission

All our team have a wealth of experience and pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship. It is our intent that you as our customer can be proud to tell friends and acquaintances that the work done on your classic car was undertaken at Beacon Hill Garage.
We have restored many classic and vintage cars over the past 20 years. These have been a mix of classic cars that are used as the main form of transport and other have been for show and race purposes and many have won awards.
At Beacon Hill Garage we strongly believe the most efficient and cost saving way to restore a classic jaguar or other classic car is by not cutting corners. Restoring a vehicle is an enjoyable process, but it can also be a time consuming exercise and cutting corners will cost in the end.

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